Exploding Lightbulbs!

I have a confession:  I’m terrified of electricity.  It’s not an entirely irrational fear given the fact that I was electrocuted when I was in college.  It’s a long story, but I was in a lake that became the conduit for 200 volts of electricity.  Working as a lifeguard, I jumped into the water to rescue two swimmers, not knowing that what had immobilized them was electrical current.   I was fortunate in that, other than being in a state of shock (literally), I was not seriously hurt.  One of the other swimmers died and another was severely injured. 

Since then I have been terrified of electricity.  Even the slightest shock can send me into near panic.  Having lived in China for many years now, this fear has been transferred to lightbulbs, which, at least when I’m around,  have a tendancy to suddenly explode.  It happened again tonight.  After spending the afternoon and evening out with a friend, we decided to come back to my house to relax and watch a movie.  I opened the door and turned on the light in my entry way and KABOOM!!!!   Sparks flew and the lightbulb shattered, as my friend and I ran for cover in the hallway outside my door!!  Of course the explosion knocked out all the electricity in my apartment, leaving us totally in the dark! 

This has happened to me before.  Once when I was living in the northeastern part of the country, all my bulbs exploded in one evening.  I walked into my place, and turned on the lights.  KABOOM!!!    As glass reigned down on me, I threw myself under the dining room table!  When that was all over, I went into the living room and turned on the lights.  KABOOM!!  I jumped behind the piano.  Talk about feeling like someone is out to get you! 

So now I"m always a bit jittery whenever I hit a light switch.  Usually at home, I stick my arm in the room and hit the switch, while the rest of me cowers in the hallway.  It’s just become a way I turn on lights.  I also am afraid of changing light bulbs, so have to beg friends to come over and do it for me. 

At any rate, I really can’t figure out why these bulbs have to explode as their way of telling me they are "spent."  Simply sitting there and doing nothing when I flip the switch would be sufficient.