Exploding Air-fresheners??

The Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday that the government is calling a halt to the sale of a certain brand of air freshener that has a tendancy to explode:

The Beijing authorities have suspended the sale of a brand of air freshener that has reportedly triggered three explosions. The air freshener, going by the brand name of "Fengying", is under investigation after a canister exploded on Thursday afternoon, injuring a shop owner. Chai Yanhua, who runs a shop in the city’s eastern Shunyi district, need eight stitches on his face and ten on his hands after a canister exploded in his hands when he was stacking his shelves. "I heard loud blast and then I could see nothing. I felt my face and realized it was bleeding," Chai said. Two similar incidents were also reported.

Exploding light-bulbs!  Exploding air-fresheners!  Yikes!  What’s next?