A Streetside Conversation

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) my internet suddenly stopped working.  It wasn’t too big a deal since I try steer clear of the computer on Sundays and I had a very busy day anyway.  I figured it would come back on and if not, then I could call the company first thing Monday morning.  Sure enough, this morning, no connection.  It’s happened before, and when I’ve called there have been a variety of problems.   Sometimes it’s a wrong setting on my computer.  One time I was told that one of their customers had been visiting ‘bad’ websites so the PSB had ordered them to shut things down.   They told me to be patient, that they were negotiating with the PSB to get back online. Sure enough, the next day it was up again.

When I called this morning, they told me that new cables were being installed in the area, so lots of people were without service.  They apologized and said that it would most likely be up sometime in the afternoon.  No problem.

After lunch with a friend at a nearby KFC, we were walking back to my place down a leafy street in my neighborhood.  On the sidewalk up ahead sat a guy with a funny contraption.  Whatever was he doing?  I noticed that the truck parked in the street beside him said "electrical engineering truck."  Hmmm.  As we got closer to the man, I noticed that he was working with a giant cable, and I also noticed a man up the pole working with a cable.  Hmmmmm.  I stopped.  "Are those internet cables?" I asked.  He smiled and said YES!  "Is this the reason my internet isn’t working today.  Again he smiled and said YES!   "How much longer, " I pressed.  "We’re almost done," he said, again with a big smile (I think he was amused by the talking foreigner).

Sure enough, within 10 minutes after getting home, my internet was up and running.