Yellow Snow

No, this is not about the proliferation of small dogs in China.  This yellow snow is falling from the sky. Reuters has an article today about yellow snow that fell on Korea Monday:

South Koreans were treated to a rare weather phenomenon on Monday when yellow snow fell in the capital and elsewhere across the country. But the snow — containing dust or sand from the desert regions of northern China — could pose a health hazard, the country’s meteorological office warned. “It’s tough to say whether it’s yellow sand mixed in snow or if it’s snow mixed in yellow sand,” a weather official told Reuters. A high concentration of the dust particles prompted the weather bureau to issue a yellow dust warning for the second time in three days. South Korea frequently gets sand or dust storms, but a yellow snow storm is very rare. “I have never seen yellow snow falling before,” the official said.

It seems our dust storm of the weekend headed on over to Korea.  Just a slice of life in Northeast Asia!