Wake Up, The Light is Green!

My niece and 2 of her friends are visiting me this week.  They are on holiday from their teaching jobs in Korea.  This morning, we decided to head across town to the new TGI Friday’s restaurant in the embassy district, and ended up with a scary taxi driver who was having a hard time staying awake.  We were on the Second Ring Road, and would weave, slow down, and speed up randomly.  I kept asking him if he was OK, and he always answered meishi (it doesn’t matter).  Well, since it was my life and the life of my guests, it did matter.  Finally we got off the Second RR, and onto some side streets, where the speeds were lower, and there were stoplights.  When one light we were stopped for turned green, we just sat there.  I looked over and his eyes were closed!!   "Wake up" I told him,"the light is green!!"   He jerked awake and took off.  That was where we decided to get out.  Fortunately we were only a block away from the restaurant.