The Smog Has Lifted

Today was a very strange day in Beijing.  It was not only clear, but there were clouds in the sky—real clouds, the white puffy kind that are common on a summer day in the midwestern US.  Almost made me feel like I was at home.   This happens but once a year so I grabbed my camera and headed to the CCTV Tower, which stands guard over the west side of the city.  On a day like today, and far above the grit and grime, it’s actually quite an impressive city.

Cctv_tower_002_small_1 This is looking east, over the park (can’t remember the name just now).

Cctv_tower_048_small Again, looking east, towards "downtown."  The green area is The Forbidden City.

Cctv_tower_037_small "The Hood."  I live down there in one of those towers.  Can you guess which one?  The lake to the north is the Summer Palace.