The Government Suggests…

A friend of mine who is the Executive Director of a company in Shanghai sent me an email this morning with a copy of message that his secratary had sent him.  It reads as follows:

I was just informed that the "Six Countries Congress Meeting will be held in Shanghai from 14-18 June (Wednesday – Sunday), because of that most of the roads will be closed.  The China Government suggested that companies close on the 14 & 15  (Wed & Thur) and replace those work days on the 10 & 11 June (Saturday and Sunday), and also announced that 16 June (Friday) is a public holiday.  What would you like to do?

There they go again, moving days around. 

I think this is a sneak preview of what we can expect in Beijing when the Olympics come to town.  We too will get a notice from the China Government and it will say something like this: "We suggest that your company close for the month of August, and that you replace those work days by working every weekend for the next 6 months. Thank you for your cooperation."