A Walk in the Clouds

After working non-stop since I landed back in Beijing on the 29th, I finally had a day off today.  A friend and I decided to escape the concrete jungle of the city and head to the mountains of Mentougou, a district west of town.  I called a driver friend, Mr. Z. to come take us out there.  Our destination was a place called Miaofeng Shan," an ancient temple built on the top of a 3000 ft. peak.  It wasn’t a great day, weatherwise (smoggy and cloudy), but that didn’t deter us.  As we climbed up the winding road, we ended up in the clouds, which means that we didn’t get to enjoy the supposedly gorgeous views from the top.  We didn’t mind, because the fog made for some etherial scenes as well.  And it was deliciously cool, unlike the sauna that is Beijing this time of year.

This temple turned out to be a "target-rich" environment for funny signs, which I am posting here, along with my favorite photo of the day.