Shower Time

Dsc_0010copy_smallNo, not for me, for the trees!!  This afternoon I went with a friend to the Summer Palace, one of my favorite spots in this city.  On the edge of town, it’s a quiet oaisis of green and quiet.  Well, as quiet as is possible, on a day when the sign at the entrance said that 49,000 people had visited today (we went shortly before closing time).  The crowds tend to go one way, we went the other, to the far west side of the lake where few people venture. 

Along the way we spotted this interesting sight.  Were they watering the trees or just trying to clean the dust off of them?  At any rate, it seemed to be shower time for the trees.  We scampered away pretty quickly and headed to Papa John’s for some May Day Pizza!

Below are a couple other shots from the afternoon.


Chinese parks have such beautiful bridges.


No, that boat is not sitting in a snow drift.  The water is covered with cotton from the thousands of cottonwood trees that are in the park, and all over town.  And yes, that’s a blue plastic bag on the water/cotton.  Adds nice color, don’t you think???