Power Off

A necessary accessory of life here in Beijing is the cell phone.  I remember a time 20 years ago, when almost nobody had a phone (and all phones were, for some reason, orange!), but recently the government announced that there are 400 million cell phone users in China.  Based on that, one could say that every single urban dweller in China has a cell phone.  It’s hard to imagine how we’d function without them, quite frankly. 

I love the messages that I get from my service on occassion.  If my account (I use a prepaid card) is running low on money, I’ll hear a voice in English tell me, "your balance has little money, please recharge in time."   

But my favorite is the one I get when the person I’m calling has their phone off.  In that case, the message I get is "the subscriber is power off."  And quite frankly, that’s how I feel sometime, especially after a long day….the subscriber is power off.  Yup.  That pretty much describes it.