My Sentiments Exactly

I’m back in Beijing now, but my day began early down in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  At 5:00AM I was on a bus to the airport to catch a 7:00AM flight to Bangkok to catch and 11:00AM flight to Beijing. 

Shortly after boarding my first flight this morning a family got on (colleagues of mine, actually) with their three young sons and sat across the aisle from me.  The youngest one (4 years old) sat down and promptly began to cry.  Something about not liking his seat.  After a bit of of negotiation and explanation from mom, he settled down.

I chatted with his mom, and asked why he was so upset.  She told me that as they’d walked through the first class cabin he’d noticed that the seats were bigger and had fun little individual trays and was upset because he wanted to be sitting in one of those seats as well.

Ah kids.  I’m sure every single person who boarded that plane this morning felt exactly the same way as we trudged back into coach.  We wanted to be sitting in those big seats with those fun little individual trays as well.

This youngster was just giving voice to how we all felt.