Img_0201_small These are two new signs that have gone up on the road that I bike everyday between my apartment and my office.  The bottom one is, of course a stop sign. The Chinese word is ting.  Stop signs are a relatively new thing in Beijing.  In fact, I can only think of this, and one other one that I’ve seen.  Now why in the world there is a stop sign at this particular intersection, and not the thousands of others that don’t have traffic lights is beyond me.  A friend once suggested to me that stop signs weren’t necessary in China because the drivers here were so good.  I bit my tongue.

But really, it’s the top sign that intrigues me the most.  Whatever is it trying to tell me?  That if I think there’s a chance that my car might spontaeously combust that I shouldn’t go down this road?  Or that I’m not allowed to light fires in my car on this road?  Or perhaps that no car bombs are allowed on this road.   Whatever the cause, exploding cars are clearly prohibited!! 

At any rate, at least I know that the cars passing me won’t blow up!