A World-class Museum. Finally.

Capital_museum Last weekend some friends and I went to the new Beijing Capital Muesum and we were duly impressed.  We’d been to the old one that it replaced, which used to be located at the Confucian Temple.  That museum consisted of a couple of cold, poorly lit rooms with no exhibits in English.  This new one is a modern 5-story building (perhaps borrowing a bit of architectural style from the Tate Modern in London), all dedicated to the history of Beijing.  Since we’re all fans of Beijing and it’s history, we loved it.  The exhibits are well done and informative, and did a good job of capturing the flavor and character of this ancient capital. On the first floor is a special exhibit of treasures from the London Museum.  Stunning.

If you’re in Bejing, or planning a visit here, I definitely recommend including this on your itinerary.  It’s on Chang-an Avenue West, between the Military Museum and Muxidi subway stops.

Finally, Beijing has a world-class museum!

(note:  photo borrowed from china.org.cn)