The Curse of Kenny G!

A great mystery here in the Middle Kingdom is the Chinese love affair with Kenny G, the bushy-haired soprano sax player, who anchors the "smooth jazz" genre of music.  Kenny G music blaring out of stores, or wafting through hotel lobbies is as ubiquitous here as chopsticks and dumplings (OK, so I exaggerate, but only slightly).  Once upon a time, I hate to admit, I liked Kenny G. music.  But that was before I moved to China, where his music is impossible to escape from. For those of you who’ve never heard Kenny G (oh, how I envy you), it’s romantic, it’s soft, its’ sweet….and music that is sweet is irresistable here.   

Ok, so what’s set off this little anti-Kenny G tirade this evening?  This afternoon, a friend and I went off to visit the newly-restored section of Beijing’s old city wall, which runs east from Chongwenmen.  It has been turned into a lovely park, and the old watch tower has been restored and now houses a museum.  This particular section of the city wall was built during the Ming Dynasty, in the early 1400’s.  The place just oozes history, and we went on top of the wall to soak it all up.  Unfortunately, someone had decided that it’s necessary to pipe music all along the wall and through the park, and even more unfortunately, this afternoon that music was Kenny G music!!  Augh!  Is there no Ming Dynasty music available?  Not a spot in the park was out of range of the music.  I tell you, it’s a curse!!  The curse of Kenny G!

I wonder how it gets broken!