Somalia to Minneapolis

Hi folks.  I’m back in the Twin Cities now, and yesterday I had one of those "where am I?" experiences that I usually experience in China. I was downtown Minneapolis, stopping in at my church to visit some friends in the office there.  The offices are on the fourth floor, so I got on the elevator for the ride up.  Right there in downtown Minneapolis, inside of a church I found myself on the elevator with 3 elderly Somali women, all dressed up in their robes, head scarves, and of course, winter jackets.  Most likely they were in the building to attend English classes.  We chatted as the elevator went up, and when it stopped, the eldest woman said under her breath, "bismillah," which is an Arabic blessing.  I don’t know that I’ve ever heard that in a church before!  I couldn’t help thinking of what a different world they live in now, compared to Somalia.  I live cross-culturally, but the culture difference can’t be anything like what exists between the deserts of famine-ravaged Somalia and downtown Minneapolis! 

My hope, of course, is that they will be blessed as a result of the church reaching out to them.