A Pigeons’ Warm Blessing

It’s Christmas card season, even in China, and they are pouring into our office fast and furious-like! Most of them are very nice, but some of them have very humorous "Chinglish" greetings.  One that we received today scored particularly high on the chuckle factor:

Please listen carefully to the bell in the distance before time goes by.  It is just like pigeons bringing us bliss and falling to the house with warm wishes.  The silver bell rings missing and happiness, blessings and dedication, friendship and dream, along with my regard I hope — a happy life and success!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly enamored with the thought of a pigeon’s warm blessing falling on my house.  I once had a pigeon’s warm blessing fall on my head, and believe me, it brought me no bliss!   Or maybe it’s the pigeons themselves who are falling on my house.  That’s not a happy thought, either, quite frankly!

At any rate, I do hope you happy life and success!