Driving Miss Gracie

It’s summertime, which means it’s time for another road trip. This week we are Driving Miss Gracie to Estes Park, CO for a 75th anniversary reunion of World Venture, the mission agency that my parents served with in Pakistan. Not only that, her father was one of the founders as well.

We are taking our sweet time meandering across the Great Plains, minimizing our time on the interstate highways this time. We love driving the back roads.

Yesterday we swung through Badlands National Park. It did not disappoint!

Today we are Driving Miss Gracie through the Black Hills and on to Cheyenne, WY.

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4 thoughts on “Driving Miss Gracie

  1. I remember well our trip through the badlands during the summer of ’93. We were driving a 1978 VW Westphalia camper van from Indiana to Oregon on our way to China our first year. And yes, the Badlands did not disappoint. We spent July 4th with some new friends that we made at a church that we attended in Wall. We were taken into the Badlands and were treated to a fantastic display of fireworks with God’s beautiful handiwork of those hills as the backdrop.

    From the Badlands we went to Yellowstone, and that did not disappoint, either!

  2. oh, i am jealous! we have been all through there over our many summer travels, and i would love to do it again. perhaps another year….blessings and hugs all around!!!

  3. My sister and family were in Estes Park last week! They have so many pictures!! I love the video of them on an ATV as they came across a black bear. So cool!