Don’t Touch the Red Button

During the two weeks I was in China, I took four different high-speed train rides (the absolute best way to travel). As with all other public spaces in China, there are lists of behavior rules posted all over the train, and a steady stream of announcements over the loudspeaker about prohibited “uncivilized” behavior.

Most of the announcements on the trains were the usual stuff: don’t talk loudly on your phones, don’t litter, don’t interfere with the train attendants, and don’t run and romp around.

But the one that I was most interested in was the admonition, DON’T TOUCH THE RED BUTTON!

Of course, it would never occur to me to touch a red button; in fact, I hadn’t even noticed any red buttons…..until they loudly declared the prohibition on touching red buttons!

Of course, I had to go hunting for the mysterious red button!

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One thought on “Don’t Touch the Red Button

  1. The typical Western temptation is to want to touch it………but I guess they really mean, “Don’t push the Red Button”! 😂