Pottery in the Panhandle

Our travels this weekend took us to Panama City Beach, on the Florida panhandle, where we checked into a lovely condo overlooking the gorgeous white sand beach. This was to be the more relaxed portion of our road trip.

On Saturday we spent the afternoon with my brother-in-law’s cousin, who lives in the nearby town of Lynn Haven. After a career spent flying helicopters to oil rigs in the Gulf, in his retirement he has taken up pottery. And he is seriously good at it!

After lunch at the Golden Corral (a southern favorite), he took us to visit his studio. Normally filled with wheels and clay, it is now set up for his annual Backyard Pottery Festival, which will held on the first weekend in December.

While his work ranges from mugs to tea pots to cookie pots, to sculptures, my personal favorites are his creative piggy banks. Here’s just one — guaranteed to put on a smile on your face as you save those pennies!

Wes’s 96-year old mother (“Aunt Netty”) has gotten in on the act now too, and has started her own line of clay figurines!

If you going to be anywhere near the Florida panhandle the first weekend in December, be sure to stop in at their backyard festival.

If you get there early enough you might even get to eat one of “Aunt Nettie’s” baked goods!

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2 thoughts on “Pottery in the Panhandle

  1. Thanks for this Joann. I absolutely love pottery and would love going to his place. Yes, the piggy bank is a favorite but I love the pitchers and all the other beautiful creations. And the grandmother who is into sculpting figurines…well, it’s never too late and I might just find me some clay and begin a hobby. I wish.

  2. Joann, Ralph and I were at the Laguna Beach Christian Retreat in January & February this year. We loved it and hoped to go back next year, but it was not to be. BTW it’s a lot cheaper than your condo:) We loved Panama City Beach, but Ralph was beginning to cough and not feeling great but we were out and about every day. Grace, so glad you can do this trip.