Newfoundland Names

We are using a large, old-fashioned fold-out map to make our way from place to place here in Newfoundland (I’m anti-GPS). Long hours in the car means plenty of time to study the map. One fun thing up here is noticing the unique and quirky place names.


Here are some of the more interesting ones we’ve spotted:

Famish Gut

Come by Chance

Hole in the Wall

Nonsuch Harbour


Jerry’s Nose (we drove through that one)

Cut Throat Island

American Tickle

Chimney Tickle

Haha Bay

Leading Tickle

Welcome Come By

Naked Man

God Almighty Cove

Blow Me Down


Joe Batts Arm

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One thought on “Newfoundland Names

  1. oh my …you all must be laughing a lot, too!!! after reading the book about their 911 refuge, paul and i would love to visit. i just retired, so maybe we can plan a trip in a year or two. keep the blog stories comin’, cuz! love to all….