So, How Fast is this Train?

 Friday morning I will board the super high speed train (not to be confused with the high speed train) and set out for Shanghai to meet up with Noel.  Let the Esther Expedition begin!!

So, just how fast is this train?  Well, as you can see from the stats in the chart above, It takes about 5 hours to go 819 miles.  I’ll leave math out of it, but it sure sounds fast to me.

I’ve travelled between a number of these cities more than once in my 28 years here. Perhaps a couple of comparisons may help give some perspective to this journey:

I’ve taken the train between Beijing and Qufu numerous times — it usually took 8 or 9 hours.

I once took a train from Shanghai to Nanjing that took 6 hours.

A flight from Beijing to Shanghai is 2 hours.

So, how fast is this train?  Really, really fast!

Check back tomorrow for a report on the trip.


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(Image source: China Highlights)






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