Noel and I both love to take pictures, but she also loves to organize and edit her photos right away. She is posting them on a special Shutterfly site as we go along.  Please click on over if you want to see lots more pics of our trip.

On that site, you will also find maps of where we have been/are going, and some of the old photos from Esther’s albums that we are using for inspiration and guidance.

In the meantime, here’s a photo from our trip up to the top of Emei Mountain this morning. We got as far as the parking lot below the cable car, but the path up was too steep and snow-covered. As we were going up the mountain, our friend told us that there is a saying that at the foot of the Emei Mountain, it is summer; halfway up, it is fall; and at the top it is winter. We had no idea how true that was.

Instead of going to the top, we took a long walk along the closed road.
















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