Please Give me a Test

On Sunday afternoon last week, we went with some friends to to Jinli Street in Chengdu, an old, yet newly gentrified part of the city that supposedly dates to the Qin Dynasty (220 BC). We had 2 purposes for going there.  One was to see the street itself, with its teashops and Chengdu snacks and various arts and crafts.

Our other reason for going there was find take the family that had been our kind hosts in Chengdu out for ice-cream at the Dairy Queen.

As we were making our way through the crowds towards the DQ, we were accosted by these two young fellows and their teacher. She had a piece of paper with English questions written on it, and asked us if we’d quiz the kids by asking them the questions. Noel and I grabbed our cameras, leaving Mrs. P. to do the quizzing (hey….she’s a school teacher by trade).

Upon reading each question, the two guys answered them in unison at the top of their lungs, naturally drawing a crowd…..

What is your name? MY NAME IS…..

How old are you?  I AM…..

What day is it today?  TODAY IS SUNDAY!

What is your favorite color? MY FAVORITE COLOR IS…

After Mrs. P. had read all of the questions on the sheet of paper, the boys’ tutor thanked her, and off they went to find some other unsuspecting foreigner.



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2 thoughts on “Please Give me a Test

  1. DARLING boys! Didn’t you just want to scoop them up and take them home. Except for the yelling part. I’m intrigued by the one little boy’s green “hoodie.” What does it say? “The Kids Fashionable Wor….” Then “Made in America” and under that “…popular of…” Did you get other photos that would make his front shirt message more clear? That was a cute scenario, I wonder if their vocabulary also included. “I love Dairy Queen blizzards.”