Lingering at Hong Zhu Hotel

We are spending the night at the foot of Emei Mountain in the Hong Zhu Hotel, a group of buildings scattered around a gorgeous park. On the desk in the room is a brochure listing the top ten things to do.




In case you’re wondering, here is the list…..


  1. Bathing in hot springs
  2. Wandering and viewing
  3. Savouring and nourishing
  4. Riding along the forest
  5. Hearing the sounds of nature
  6. Sleeping with sweet dream
  7. Making contact with celebreties
  8. Getting close to wild creature
  9. Looking up at the starry sky
  10. Worshipping Buddha for blessing

So far, we have wandered and viewed, savoured and nourished, and heard the sounds of nature. Since the wild creatures they are referring to are monkeys, I’m quite happy not to have gotten close to them.

Soon we will be sleeping with sweet dreams.

It will be a cold sleep, however, since it is colder inside the hotel room than it was walking around outside at the top of the mountain in a foot of snow.

Time to put on all my clothes and go to bed!

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4 thoughts on “Lingering at Hong Zhu Hotel

  1. Oh dear…any reason they don’t heat the rooms??
    Following along with you and Noel…enjoying both of your commentaries!

  2. Jo,
    Is this the same hotel that was the headquarters for the Nationalists before Liberation? If so, I stayed at that same hotel during Spring Festival in 1988 and wore everything I had with me to bed. It was one of the coldest nights I have ever spent in my life. But it was a privilege to be in a place that had seen so much history.
    Enjoying your updates!
    Becky Neufeld

  3. Yes, that’s the hotel we’re at. In fact, the Generalissimo is one of the celebrities they mention making contact with! I’m glad it’s March, not January!