Harbin Ice Festival

While serious winter seems to have been cancelled in Minnesota this year, it's going strong in Harbin, China, site of the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

Here's a great video clip produced by The Telegraph., and borrowed here from Shanghaiist.


Even though I lived in Changchun (a few hours south by train) for 8 years, I could never bring myself to go NORTH in January. Maybe I should have.

Too all my friends in Harbin….WEAR MORE CLOTHES!





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One thought on “Harbin Ice Festival

  1. Dear Joann,
    Last night we did what we were very hesitant to do, but in a moment of insanity we decided to take our kids to the BingXueDaShiJie (Ice and Snow Festival). We continued the insanity and went on the trip provided by our school.
    I stopped my wife from putting 7 layers on our 3-year-old’s legs, and she stopped at 5. I had to take off one pair of socks to get her boots on. She and Joel (one year and 2 weeks old) could not sit upright since they had so many clothes on.
    Imagine the little brother in the movie “A Christmas Story” and you’ve got the picture.
    Funny thing is that it hasn’t snowed much this year, so there was no natural snow on our campus; but there was plenty at the ice and snow park. Our eyes enjoyed the atmosphere but our feet were chilly! Our two children survived, and our daughter loved the ice slides. I’m so glad it was a warm evening — only about 15 below zero Celsius.