Birthday Tour

Five years ago this week, my mom arrived in Beijing, along with a dozen or so friends to celebrate her 80th birthday. We spent a week seeing the sights, visiting friends, and of course eating wonderful Beijing food.

At the end of that week, my mom announced that it would be her last trip to China. My sister and I looked at each other and said “yeah, right!”

Tonight my mom is flying into Beijing to celebrate her 85th birthday. 15 others are flying over the next few days to join the celebration.

This will be her 3rd trip here since announcing her last trip in 2009.

Let the Birthday tour begin!

(No, this is NOT her car.  It belongs to a friend of a friend…..)

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Tour

  1. happy Birthday dear Grace so sorry I missed sending you a card as i was part of your 80th birthday which changed my life in many ways … Still great friends with Zhao Xin in Dalian. much lov e always carol