A Birthday Fit for an Empress

Last night (the 22nd) we had a birthday banquet for my mom at the Bai Family Courtyard Restaurant. It was originally a palace for a Qing Dynasty prince, but is a delightful place to get a taste of Qing food and culture.

Because of a scheduling conflict by the restaurant, they put us into a private room for no charge, which was a big deal since the cost of the private room is normally $1500 and there is a requirement to spend a minimum of $900 per table (yes, those figures are USD).  Being in a private room also meant that we had a private performance — Beijing Opera, traditional music, dancing, and mask-changing.

The food was fantastic, and, of course, Gracie got the royal treatment!

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION:  Just want to make something clear here…..WE DID NOT PAY THOSE PRICES (OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO THEM) FOR THE DINNER. That’s what made it so fun!

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