This week I’m in Kunming, Yunnan Province, in the southwestern corner of China.  Since it’s on the edge of the tripics, Kunming is typically known as the city of eternal spring.  Well, it’s been anything but that since I arrived.  Cool, damp, and rainy most of the time, which, of course, the locals swears is not normal for this time of year.  Like every other city in China, this one is is fast-forward development, and, quite frankly, doing a nice job of it!  It’s also becoming a gateway city to SE Asia.  The flight that I came down on was going on to Dakha, Bangla-desh.  The province of Yunnan is home to many different minority nationality groups, so there’s no shortage of interesting sites and smells, and culinary delights.  Yesterday I went to the top of West Mountain, and had a great overview of the city.

Too bad I have to head home to dusty Beijing tomorrow.