Dancing Traffic Cops

Did you know that December 2 was National Traffic Safety Day in China? Given that China has the world’s deadliest roads (70,000 deaths per year), I suppose it’s not such a bad idea.

China doesn’t have too few traffic laws; rather it has too few enforcement mechanisms. Couple that with the fact that many (most?) drivers are rookies who didn’t grow riding in a car, and you have a recipe for the chaos that is Chinese traffic.

This year, a group of traffic cops in Guangdong Province did their part to promote traffic safety awareness by producing a music video. Here’s what That’s Online has to say about it:

The dancing Qinghuangdao firefighters are officially yesterday’s news. Traffic police of Guangdong province have produced a video of them dancing (and rapping) to K-Poppers Crayon Pop’s ‘Bar Bar Bar.’


The video, apparently officially sanctioned and funded, aims to raise awareness of traffic safety and the 122 phone number for traffic police. It includes a rap section about road safety, in Chinese, what more do you need?

(Email readers: if you cannot see the embedded video, click here to watch it on YouTube.)

Too fun for words!