Tianjin Churches

I and a few friends spent yesterday afternoon traipsing around the city of Tianjin looking for old church bells.  Why Tianjin, you may ask?

First of all, with the high speed train that runs every ten minutes between Beijing and Tianjin, it’s an easy ‘day trip’ destination. In our case, it was just an afternoon trip. We left at noon and were back in Beijing by 7:30.

Secondly, because of the city’s history of being colonized by numerous western powers (all at the same time), there are quite a few old churches there.

We confirmed the existence of 4 old bells, most likely brought over from Europe in the early part of the last century, and we saw a hundred year old bell made in China for a Catholic Church. We were only able to get a portion of the story of this bell, but we have some leads to get the rest of the story. When I have pieced it all together I’ll post the photo and story.

In the meantime, here are pictures of the towers in which the other 4 bells reside.

Wanghai Lou Catholic Church was established in 1869 by French Catholics. This current structure dates to 1903, and, as you can see is undergoing renovations. We wandered into the compound and talked with the engineers overseeing the project.  They confirmed that there is a bell in the tower, but declined our requests for them to take us up to see it. Can’t blame them, really.

Xikai Catholic Church was built by the Jesuits in 1917, and is today the largest church in Tianjin. We had a long chat with the priest, who confirmed that there are bells in those towers, but he would not take us to see them.

The Anglican Church is now closed, but is a site protected managed by the Tianjin  Bureau of Antiquities. We could see a giant bell hanging in the tower. I’m hoping the Antiquities Bureau has some information on the bell, and hopefully some photos.

Stay tuned…..