Don’t Bare Your Arms, Please

Xichang is the capital of the Da Liang Shan (Big Cool Mountain) Yi Minority Autonomous Prefecture. The Yi are one of China’s 55 ethnic minority groups, with communities primarily located in Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces.

On Friday afternoon Noel and I walked around the old city of Xichang, and ended up in a “park” along the “river”.  It was a gloriously warm afternoon so everyone was out. We also quickly discovered that it was a “hang-out” place for quite a few people dressed in their traditional garb.

This old woman was shocked to see Noel in her short-sleeved shirt (which meant bare arms!), and spent the next few minutes following us and grabbing Noel’s arms and chattering.

I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but I’m quite sure that she was giving Noel a good scolding.

Up and Over

Our drive south from Xichang to Huili today took us up and over a range of mountains and down into a remote valley.  There are no trains or planes that come here, so everything is brought in by truck.

The first half of the journey (by distance) was on an expressway and took an hour. The second half (by distance) was on a terrible road up and over the mountains, and it took 2 hours.

Here are a few photos taken along the way.















Esther made this journey on the back of truck in 1947. Later, in 1951, she made it on foot.

Xichang City Gate

I know you are all waiting with baited breath (whatever that means) for a post about the infamous ferry trip.  Well, I’m sorry to say that you’ll just have to keep waiting. We had a long day walking around the city of Xichang, and I’m just too tired to do the final edit on the post and get it (along with photos) up.

For now, here’s a photo of the restored gate of the city of Xichang, Sichuan Province.  For the first time in over a week, we saw the sun!














Noel has put a great post about our backwards and forwards time travel. Pay particular attention to the then/now photos at the end!

On to Huili tomorrow! (and hopefully the ferry post)