A Former Fjord

On Sunday afternoon my sister and I took a boat tour of Western Brook Pond Fjord in Gros Morne National Park. In fact, it was the pictures on this site that motivated us to drive 2000+ miles to Newfoundland.


The guide on the boat told us that it is actually a former fjord (that’s a 2-syllable word in Newfoundland dialect, by the way). Apparently it no longer retains the status of a full fjord because it is no longer connected to the sea. Once upon a time there was a glacier in the valley, but when it melted the receding of the seawater or the thrusting up of the land (depending on who you talk to) cut the valley off from the ocean. In time, the salt water was replaced with fresh water, and now it is a lake (or as the locals say, a pond).



Thanks to the crew of the boat operated by Bon Tours for a spectacular tour.