Buckeye Bell Foundry

In my continued quest for more specific information on the bells we found in Sichuan and for more general information on church bells in China, I’ve been doing some research on the Buckeye Bell Foundry in Cincinnati. Apparantly, the foundry was owned by the E.W. Van Duzen Company, another name that we also found engraved on the bell.

On a site called Brosamer’s Bells, I ran across a couple of interesting articles.  One is from a Van Duzen Bell catalog published sometime in the1920’s.  It is titled “Just a Little Bell  History.” It gives the history of bells and some information on Van Duzen bells in particular.

This section caught my eye:

We have furnished over 60,000 bells used in churches, schools, and public buildings. We have bells in some of the most remote corners of the world, in Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Mexico, and a great number in Canada, and in nearly every city, town, and hamlet in the United States.

I wonder if they knew that one of their bells was hanging in a church in a remote corner of Sichuan Province.

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