We Made It!

On Friday afternoon, after driving 2800 miles in 7 days, we arrived in Skagway, in Southeast Alaska.

As we drove through the town teeming with tourists from the two cruise ships docked in the harbor, we wanted to shout at everyone, “WE DID IT! WE DROVE HERE!!!” But, surmising that no one would be interested in that fact, we kept the giddiness to ourselves.



But Skagway wasn’t really our destination; Juneau was. So, after diving 60-70 miles an hour for a week, we parked the car on the lower deck of the ferry settled in for a leisurely 6 hour ride to Juneau, where my niece and her husband were waiting for us at the dock. We followed them the last 25 minute drive to their home on Douglas Island, pulling into their driveway at 10:30PM, just in time to catch a sunset pic from their deck.






Saturday morning, we were back on another ferry bound for Sitka. And today we rode the ferry back to Juneau, where we will be for the rest of the week.