Serving Well in China

As of last month, I have entered the brave new world of online training. As part of my work for ChinaSource, I have teamed up with Amy Young (a friend and former colleague) to produce a 5-part online training course. The course is titled Serving Well in China, and it is specifically aimed for those planning to work in China.


The course is less about a set of answers and more about presenting a framework with which to process the complexities of China. When you encounter confusing situations or cultural differences, what you learn here will help you reconcile them with your cultural background and expectations.

You can read more details about the course here. It is hosted on a site called Udemy, and consists of 5 short video “lectures,” as well as quizzes and recommended resources.

The cost to enroll is $30.00, but we are offering it for FREE during the month of April. To access the course, go to the course page on Udemy.

Click on “redeem a coupon” and enter the coupon code “Joann“.

Happy Learning!

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