Duck Number 100560

Earlier this week I gave a lecture at a training program for middle school English teachers from Guangzhou. They held the closing ceremonies for the program this noon at the Quan Ju De Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant, and I was invited.

For most of the participants, this was their first trip to Beijing, so their first chance to eat authentic Beijing roast duck. And not just any roast duck at any old restaurant, but roast duck from Quan Ju De, “the most famous restaurant under heaven.”

At the end of the meal, the waiters gave each of us a certificate — proof we could take back to our families and friends that we had, indeed, eaten at Quan Ju De.

Not only that, the certificate identified by number exactly which duck we had eaten. Number 100560.

I’m normally not a fan of this restaurant because I think they are way overpriced (you pay for the name), but I have to admit that Duck 100560 was one of the tastiest ducks I’ve ever eaten.

And now I’ve even got the certificate to prove it!!!