My Least Favorite Smell

We all have certain smells that we don’t like. My list is varied —  stinky doufu (tofu), port-a-potties, certain perfumes, and yes, even coffee!!

On Monday I added a new one to my list: the smell of blood vessels being burned.

Make that the smell of MY blood vessels being burned.

For the second time in 2 1/2 years, I had surgery to remove a basal cell cancerous doodad (I think the scientific term is tumor or lesion) on my face.

I noticed something suspicious on my cheek 3 weeks ago and made an appointment to see a dermatologist. She performed a biopsy last Tuesday, and on Friday the lab called to tell me the results were positive. The surgeon had an opening on Monday morning, so I was able to get it taken care of right away.

The procedure he used is called Mohs Surgery, an outpatient procedure in which layers of skin and tissue are removed until all trace of the cancer is gone. In my case that meant cutting a hole in my cheek the size of a quarter and a 1/4 inch deep. Don’t worry; I won’t show you a picture.


As part of the procedure, the surgeon had to cauterize a few blood vessels. And in case you’re wondering what that means, here’s a definition:

to burn with a hot iron, electric current, fire, or a caustic, especially for curative purposes

As I said, it’s my new least favorite smell, and unfortunately, one I will never forget!

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