Sunrise and Ferries

On Thursday morning, we were up before the sun to catch an early morning ferry from Fogo Island back over to “mainland” Newfoundland. Even though getting in line for the ferry at 5:15AM wasn’t the most fun thing we did all week, it did give us the chance to see this gorgeous sunrise:


After a 45 minute ride on that ferry, we drove 5 hours to the southern side of Newfoundland to catch the overnight ferry back to Nova Scotia. For some reason, I woke up early on Friday morning, and decided to head to the outside deck for some fresh air.  This is what greeted me:

The four of us (my, my sister, brother-in-law, and mom) once again shared a lovely stateroom. As we were settling in, we got to chuckling about this classic scene from the Marx Brother’s movie “A Night at the Opera:” (email readers, go here to see the video)

Of course it wasn’t like that; everything about the ferry was great; the room, the service, the friendly staff, and the delicious food.

We are on the marathon drive home now (4 days — 500 miles each day), and already missing Newfoundland.