Beijing Eats

Bear with me for just one last post on the great food that I ate in Beijing earlier this month. You may want to protect your keyboard from drooling.


One of my favorite dishes is called ma la xiang guo (hot and spicy dry hot pot). You choose the ingredients, and the chef stir fries them up. Those are peppers, not tomatoes. Don’t worry, this was a dish for 2 people!


Home-made jiaozi, lovingly “wrapped” by a friend, waiting to be boiled. Yum!


If you can’t get to a friend’s house for home-made jiaozi, not to worry; there’s usually a mom a pop shop nearby that makes delicious jiaozi and baozi.


Not all meals in China are created equal. One day Amy and I found ourselves dining in the cafeteria of a large company. The food wasn’t that bad; it just never tastes as good when served on a metal tray!


And finally, I stopped into one of my favorite American burger joints, Fatburger. I’ve never been to one in the US, but it serves up a great plate of comfort food in Beijing!

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