Waiting to Teach

Hearing about a storm bearing down on Indiana last Friday, I  hit the road early in order to arrive here in time to begin teaching my 2 week course at Taylor University in Upland, IN. I didn’t want to be late! Friday and Saturday (my driving days), the sky was blue and the roads were dry.

That all changed on Sunday as a snowstorm dumped 15 inches of snow on the state ahead of the dreaded “polar vortex.” (We used to just call such a weather event an “arctic air mass,” but I guess in this day and age everything has to be re-branded. Don’t get me started!)


Anyway, by Sunday afternoon, Taylor announced that Monday classes were cancelled; the January term would start on Tuesday. So I revised my syllabus.

Then, on Monday, with below zero temps and wind chills predicted again for Tuesday, Taylor announced that Tuesday classes were cancelled: the January term would start Wednesday. I revised my syllabus again.

So here I sit in Upland, waiting to teach.

And while I (and others, of course) wait to teach, students wait to learn: