A Tale of Two Hikes

Three and a half years ago I went hiking with some friends on an un-restored section of the Great Wall. My right knee hurt so bad I was almost in tears the whole time, and I could barely walk when we were done.

It was that hike which finally pushed me into deciding to have surgery done on my knee, something I did 9 months later.

Yesterday (three years on from the surgery) I went on another hike with some friends at the Jiankou section of the Great Wall. It’s one of the highest and most remote sections — one I’ve long wanted to hike but assumed I would never be able to because of my knees.

But I pressed on and was rewarded with the thrill of accomplishment, and these views.

See the Wall on the ridge up there?  That’s where we are headed.

Looking back towards Beijing (which we could actually see)

Love all the greenery. Most of it planted in the last 20 years.

More importantly, on this hike, my operated-on knee didn’t hurt at all!

If you are in Asia and having knee problems, I cannot recommend highly enough Dr. Kong at the Asia Medical Specialists Group in Hong Kong. When my other knee needs fixing, that’s where I will be headed.

For now, I’m already plotting my next trip to Jiankou.