A Pittman Drinking Song

As we discovered on our visit to Newfoundland last year, there are quite a few Pittmans on the island. On this trip, we learned that a popular Newfoundland drinking song is about a certain Bob Pittman who seems to have a girlfriend in every outport in Placentia Bay. The title of the song is The Ryans and the Pittmans, although we’re not sure why since there is no mention of a Ryan anywhere in the song.

Maybe that’s why it is also know by the title We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar (the first line of the chorus. In this version, sung by Great Big Sea, the first verse where the singer identifies himself as Bob Pittman is curiously omitted (maybe because it is a bit “salty”). (email readers, go here to see the video)

If you’re curious, you can read all the lyrics here.

Truth be told, if there were really a drinking song about this Pittman, it would have to feature Pepsi!

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