Happy Dragon Boat Festival

Monday is Dragon Boat Festival in China. The good folks at Off the Great Wall have produced a video explaining the history and significance of the holiday:

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I have a confession to make — even after 20+ years in China, I’m not a fan of zongzi!

Happy Dragon Boat Festival, Everyone!


An Explosion of Color

An Explosion of Color

Literally!  I joined some friends this morning at the Olympic Water Park (rowing venues) in Shunyi for some activities to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival. As we were standing along the shore waiting for the interminable opening ceremonies to end and the dragon boat races to begin, there was a huge explosion from the opposite side of the canal. Once I recovered from the shock, this is what I saw:

A couple of other scenes from the morning:

The Middle Aged Ladies Lion Dancing Club

Drummer Girl

The Ladies Bus — giving new meaning to the term “port-a-potty.”

Happy Dragon Boat Festival everyone!