Better Than a Sandwich

I have some friends from Beijing visiting for a couple of weeks, which is always a rip-roaring good time. One of the fun (and sometimes challenging) things is keeping them well-fed. They are not enamored with a lot of American food, so I’ve been trying to make sure they get a Chinese meal in every other day or so. We all know about comfort food, right?

ham and cheese sandwich


Last week, my sister and I took them to Leann Chin, a local “Chinese” fast-food place for their much-needed fix. My sister loves the place, but I am not a fan. It is, however, cheap and fast and the food is stir-fried so I suspected they would be satisfied. Bad Chinese food is better than good western food, right?

As they were (happily) eating, I asked the husband (who is a bit of a foodie) what he thought of the food.

He stopped eating his noodles, and looked up at me… “Better than a sandwich,” he said, smiling.

Now, whenever I need to keep him in line I threaten to make him eat a sandwich!

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Image credit: Jeffryw, via Flickr