The Rabbit Has Landed

You have probably heard by now that on Monday China successfully dropped a landing craft on the moon. After the Chang’e 3 landed, it deployed a lunar rover named Jade Rabbit (Yutu) which will poke around for a few months.

As you can imagine, the Chinese are very proud of this, and the official media have spared no effort in covering the story as a sign of China’s growing technological and political prowess. I am half expecting for some media outlet to track down a historian who will declare that “it is a well known fact” that the moon has been a part of China since at least the Han Dynasty. When that happens, remember that you heard it first here.

Chinese cartoonists have gotten in on the act as well, offering their take on the event. The site Shanghaiist has compiled some of the cartoons floating around. My personal favorite is this one (After the Jade Rabbit Landed):



And congratulations, China!