Xi Balizhuang Village

Yesterday I posted some pictures of slogans hanging around Xi Balizhuang Village, which was scheduled to be torn down the last time I was in Beijing. A reader dropped me a line and asked if I had any pictures of the village I could post. So, here we go…

A few years back a 4 lane bridge was built over the canal that separates Balizhuang Village from Enjizhuang Village. It was pretty much a death sentence, since the roads in the villages on either side of the bridge were narrow lanes. Clearly the city had other plans in the works. In the meantime, however, the bridge became the village square — a gathering place where people could park their cars, sell their wares, and fly kites.


balizhuang2The women-folk sit outside their storefront. On the wall behind them is the character which means “demolish.” They probably just woke up one morning and it was there.

balizhuang7Firing up the barbie to sell ‘mutton on a stick.’

balizhuang6Helping mom and dad sell some meat.

balizhuang9A game of  “let’s play store.”

balizhuang8The local pool hall, in the shadow of the 400 year old Cishousi Temple Pagoda.

I’ll be back in Beijing for a few weeks in March, and am hoping to get over to that side of town to see what is being built.