On a Wing and Some Duct Tape

Last weekend a colleague and I made a quick trip to Shanghai — part business, part fun. We each got our window seats, just behind the right wing, and settled in for the 2 hour flight. As our China Eastern Airlines plane took off, we both had our faces pressed against the window, enjoying the view of the city and then the Chinese countryside below.

I couldn’t help noticing how filthy the wing of the aircraft (A300) was and thought that plane was long overdue for a good cleaning.

But wait!  As I was thinking about that, I noticed something metalic looking on a part of the wing (I don’t know what that piece is called). Hmm, I thought….that looks like duct tape.

No way, it can’t be duct tape.  Not on the wing of a giant airliner!  Surely I wasn’t seeing this.

I asked my colleague to get out her camera and try to zoom in on it.

She did.  Sure enough, it was duct tape.

And here are the photos to prove it.


Come on, China Eastern!  You can do better than this!