New Air Conditioner Saga has Begun

My landlady sent me a text message yesterday that someone would show up at my place around 8 this morning to uninstall the old air conditioner and take it away.

My doorbell rang at 7 and there stood a sweet couple, wrenches and various tools in hand.  They are in the recycling business and had been dispatched to purchase the old AC and take it away. They came early to beat the traffic, so it’s a good thing that my one last gasp of jet lag had awakened me at 5! I was actually up and dressed and in a semi-right mind.

As I suspected would happen, they poked their heads out of my bedroom window, sucked their teeth, and declared that they couldn’t go out to get it.  It was too high.

They called my landlady and gave them their verdict, then went on their way.  The plan now is for the workers who will come to install the new one to uninstall this one (since they have to climb out there anyway). Then the sweet couple will return to take it away.

Something tells me it is going to be a long day!

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