Bald Baby Day

Thursday was the 2nd day of the 2nd month of the Lunar Year, a day also known as “The Dragon Raising His Head.” And when the dragon raises his head, little boys all across China have to get haircuts!

I ran across these great photos on the Tea Leaf Nation website, in a post titled “Images: Baby Haircut Mania Day.”

The next time kids will get their heads shaved is in the summer, when it is done to keep them cool.

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4 thoughts on “Bald Baby Day

  1. Haha, we have seriously negative emotional associations with Dragon-Raising-It’s-Head-Day, because in addition to the hair cutting, it’s also time to start zhuangxiu-ing (renovations with Chinese characteristics). Normally the jackhammers in your apartment building for weeks on end is not a huge deal, but last year we had a toddler who napped at noon and the people directly above us decided to zhuangxiu. Now she hates anything louder than a coffee grinder and will probably require therapy when she’s older! 🙂 But aside from not being a toddler-nap-friendly day, there are still other interesting traditions, like the hair cutting.

  2. p.s. – I’m using Firefox and couldn’t post a comment unless i hit “Preview” first, and even then the little code box displayed incorrectly.

  3. That is a very interesting tradition. The little guys in the first two pictures do not seem to be liking their haircuts.