Happy Birthday, Pakistan

Today is Pakistan Day, the anniversary of the founding of Pakistan on August 14, 1947. It hasn’t been an easy journey for the Muslim country that was carved out on the western and easter edges of the British India. In addition to the slaughter that occurred at “Partition,” as Hindus and Muslims raced to get on the right side of the border (India or Pakistan), there were 2 subsequent wars with India (1965 and 1971). Its recent history has been marred by increasing violence.

But as those of us who grew up there know, Pakistan is more than what we read about in the news. It has a rich history and culture, gorgeous and friendly people, and some of the best food in the world.

I spent my growing-up years in the coastal city of Karachi. In honor of Pakistan Day, here’s a video of what the city looks like today: (email readers, click here to see the video).

My, but it has changed! There were only a few spots that I recognized.

If you’re interested in reading more about creation of India and Pakistan, I highly recommend the book Freedom at Midnight, by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.

Freedom at Midnight

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Pakistan

  1. I was in Karachi 9th grade at Karachi American School between 1969-71. I was Japanese Citizen that time but I became US Citizen in 2002. I also experience Indo-Pak War in Dec 1971. few days before the war ended, we also evacuated to Teheran, Iran and went to Teheran International School, right after Americans evacuated to Teheran. I do remember, Oil tank was bombed. I hear Indian Air Force Bombing around Karachi. I was with my Parents, and my sister (also went to KAS and she was one of the Cheerleader in High School. Her name is Etsuko Okuda.) One day, when Indian Air Force drop the bomb near by and hole house shakes. I heard one of American Residence got bombed. Otherwise, I really enjoyed attending KAS. Now I live in near Portland, Oregon, USA.
    American Resident was not there at the time of bombing but unfortunately, Pakistani Servant died. Well, it was really